Education & Training

Harness Racing New Zealand recognises the importance of educating and training our industry participants to ensure they function in their roles as stablehands, trials and junior horsemen to a required standard.

Harness Racing New Zealand offers a number of education options and these do not only pertain to those people seeking a career in the harness racing industry. There is a package available to be implemented into a primary school curriculums, we offer Gateway to high school students interested in harness racing and we also have our industry qualifications available for harness racing career seekers. 


Work Experience  

Starting out in the stables as a stable hand is a common element to most equine careers. With more specialist training and experience it is possible to progress to almost any other sector. Gaining any form of work experience around horses, whether paid or unpaid, will help you gain an understanding of the requirements of the equine industry. It will also help you decide if this is the industry you want to join. 

There are a number of racing stables around New Zealand that would be happy to give industry newcomers the opportunity to experience life as a harness racing stablehand or you may know someone who has a stable that can give you some experience.

If not contact one of the Education Team members and they could help you find a suitable placement.