Galleons Knight

Badlands Hanover
Not Again Franco
2001 Gelding
Present Roll
Trekking Horse

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Knight, at 20 years of age, his short lived racing career consisting of just four starts placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th is long behind him.

However despite his age, he is the most forward stepping fella of the bunch, and loves to stride out along the beach.

At a whopping 16.3hh, he is a true gentleman of a giant, taking the upmost care of all his riders. From young to old, beginners or experienced, everyone enjoys their time with him.

Owned by a dear friend, Knight was ridden by her husband on many farm, forestry and beach outings until his untimely passing. Not wanting to sell him, she graciously loaned Knight to us so he could continue enjoying adventures. Which he has in the three years with us so far, and is loved and appreciated as one of our own.

Story shared by Amy Clements (Tuidale Stables)


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