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Kidz Kartz has been running in New Zealand for over eight years it started in Auckland region and has progressed to the Waikato and the South Island where it has now become a major part of the harness racing scene.

It is an educational organisation that progressively aims to develop the well-rounded horse person, capable of driving safely and tactfully on the trotting track and has the knowledge to care for the miniature horse or pony.

The Kidz Kartz mission is to provide a programme for youth which teaches harness driving, training, racing and the care of miniature horses and ponies thereby developing responsibility, moral judgement, leadership and self-discipline.

National Kidz Kartz Rules and Conditions of Membership

National Handicapping Regulations 2023

Devon Towers and Boost at Kidz Kartz Taranaki

The Kidz Kartz Guiding Beliefs

  1. Kidz Kartz is an educational organisation, which progressively develops the well-rounded horseperson.

  2. The well-rounded horse person is capable of driving safely and tactfully on the trotting track.

  3. Knowledgeable care of miniature horses and ponies (horse management) is basic to the well-rounded horse person.

  4. Kidz Kartz is committed to the well being of the pony.

  5. Fair and friendly competition develops teamwork and sportsmanship.

  6. Fun and friendship are a part of Kidz Kartz.

  7. Kidz Kartz requires parental and volunteer involvement and support.

  8. Kidz Kartz is committed to safety.

Industry Information

2020 Kidz Kartz NZ Cup Race

2020 Kidz Kartz Cup was held at Addington. Sponsored by Westview Racing and Catch Driver.