Dusky Eyre

Eyre Apparant
2010 Gelding
South Island
Present Roll

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Dusky is a true black 14.2hh 10 year old gelding and he is my main horse.

I’m 13 and my name is Gracie.

I mostly just ride him around our property but am hoping to start doing little jumps with him and maybe one day go to a few shows.

We got Dusky from HERO trainer Monique Koch, who owns Balance Equestrian. Dusky also goes to stay there sometimes for a little vacation with his buddy Chaz.

He loves getting treats and his favourite are the Silver Moore. Fun fact- he doesn’t like mint licks.

Another thing he likes to do is roll in the mud after a full groom.

We have a great respectful bond as he needs a bossy owner who can tell him no or else he gets a bit too bossy himself. But you also need to be a sweetheart to him.

Dusky loves to fall asleep laying down in his paddock on sunny days.

Story shared by Gracie




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