Frequently asked Questions

How much is a racehorse to buy?

Racehorses vary in price depending on what stage they are at and their ability. Weanlings (horses less than one year old) can be bought more cheaply than yearlings, two-year-olds or going-along horses. But that comes with added costs to get the horse through to the racing stage. In general terms, if people are to buy horses that are “going along” or racing, the range is wide depending on the class of the horse.

Once I have bought a horse, what communication should I expect from my trainer?

Trainers will generally keep in touch on a weekly basis if your horse is racing. This is usually leading into a race and then a post-race conversation. When the horse is younger or jogging up, such frequent information may not be needed. It is a good idea to discuss communication with your trainer. The most common form of communication is phone conversations. However channels of communication are expanding with many trainers keeping in contact through regular emails, Facebook pages and websites. Many top trainers in NZ also have their own websites.

What colours will my horse race in?

Most horses race in the trainers colours. However some owners choose to race their horses in their own colours. To register your own set of colours, contact HRNZ.

Are there owner privileges on race days?

Owners' privileges vary between each Club. Some include free course entry, an owners-only area, stable entry, a Winners Bar and food & beverage discounts.

Owners that have email addresses registered with HRNZ will receive an email from each race club when their horse is entered at their meeting.

Many clubs also have an Owner Liaison available on race day who can assist with any queries an owner has on the day.

If I am lucky enough to have a winner, what deductions are taken from stakes?

The trainer is entitled to 10% of the total stakes earned and the driver is entitled to 5%. In all but a few cases, everything is paid out via the HRNZ stakes payment system. This means payments from race meetings are automatically generated by the computer system and twice monthly deposited into owners, trainers and drivers bank accounts.

If I want to sell a share in my horse, how do I do this?

When registered, each horse comes with papers that serve as horse identification papers and as an official document when being sold. All parties must sign the official document when a sale has occurred and it must be submitted to HRNZ within 14 days of the transaction. How the sale is arrived at and to what person(s) make up the ownership is entirely up to the parties concerned. However to save future problems all parties should be in agreeance and all details be disclosed.

After I have retired my horse what options are there?

There are many options available to the retired racehorse. Some horses may be bred from while many horses end up as riding hacks, or as show horses. Some horses with life left in their legs become galloping pacemakers in bigger stables and serve as a valuable aid in the education of younger horses.

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