When do I need to comply with the new regulations?

The Regulations come into effect on 1 October 2022.

How do we decide who the accountable person is for our horse in training if there is more than one owner?

If the Horse is in training, then the trainer becomes the accountable person.

How do we decide who the accountable person is for our horse if there is more than one owner, and it’s not in training?

If there are two or more owners and they have nominated the Accountable Person at the time of registration or transfer of ownership in which case the Accountable Person is the nominated Accountable Person, or

(ii) if a horse is owned by a syndicate or approved company the Accountable Person is the Racing Manager of the syndicate or approved company; and

(iii) where the horse is held on trust the Accountable Person are the trustees of the trust.

My horse is at stud, do I stay the accountable person?


What is classed as supplementary feed?

Anything extra that is not grass. Hard feed, hay, baleage etc

How do I know whether I have provided sufficient shelter?

Horses need access to shelter from sun, rain, wind and adverse weather conditions. Natural shade or an artificial shelter/s should be available and large enough for all horses.

 If rugs or covers are used these should be appropriate to the weather conditions.

 What is classed as a safe environment for horses?

  • A secure, safe and hygienic environment, without excessive faeces and urine accumulation
  • Space for free movement
  • No sharp objects, protrusions, edge or gaps if stabled
  • Fencing should be tight and secure, so horses cannot get caught up or escape

How often should my horse’s teeth be done?

Generally a horses teeth should be checked every 12 months unless it has been recommended you get them checked sooner.

How often should my horse’s hooves be done?

Generally a horse needs re shod or their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks or in a time frame recommended by your farrier.

Where can I find information on Notifiable Surgeries and procedures regulations?

More information on Notifiable Surgeries and Procedures can be found Here

Who is responsible for notifying HRNZ when a horse retires, or passes away and how long do we have to notify you?

It is the responsibility of the accountable person to notify HRNZ within five days

As an accountable person, what could happen if I don’t comply with the Horse care Regulations?

As Per the Horse Care Regulations (Regulation 18)

18.1 The Board may include a breach of a regulation in the Minor Offence Regulations.
18.2 The issuing of an Improvement Notice or a Possession Notice does not prevent a person being charged with a breach of these regulations

I want to check my horses body condition score, where can I find out more?
More information or to check you horses body score condition please click here

Can I opt out of this? (accountable person)

What is a logbook and where do I keep it?

A Logbook is a document, spreadsheet or App used for recording all details of treatments administered to any horse in your care and including, as a minimum requirement, the name of the horse, the date and time of administration of the treatment, the name of the treatment (brand name of active constituent), reason for treatment, the route of administration, the amount given, and the name and signature of the person or persons administering and authorising treatment. HRNZ logbook template can be found (here). The logbook must be kept at the premises where the horse is housed.

 How often must i complete the logbook? how long must I keep it for?

 The logbook should be completed every day for each horse that needs treatment, and the logbook must be kept for the 12 months following the end of the horses treatment.


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