Workouts Diary

Trials Diary can be viewed here


Tuesday 28th January
Tuesday 11th February
Tuesday 28th April
Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 26th May
Tuesday 7th July

Nominations close the day prior at 1pm. Please note: 11am start.

Tel 03 308 6794


Saturday 25th January

Nominations close on Friday at 3pm. 10.30am start.
Usual programme, mobile heats available.

Tel 03 308 3422


Saturday 8th February
Saturday 7th March
Saturday 4th April

10am start. Learners first.

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations close Friday prior at 6pm for Saturday workouts.
12.00 noon Saturday for Sunday workouts.

Tel/Fax Lochie 03 693 8419
Mob 0272 153 641
Email [email protected]

Mount Hutt

Sunday 19th January
Sunday 2nd February
Saturday 14th March
Saturday 21st March
Saturday 18th April
Saturday 2nd May
Saturday 16th May

All nominations close the Friday prior at 3pm.
10am start. Usual Programme. Mobile Available.

Tel Lyn Markham 03 302 8728


Wednesday 22nd January
Wednesday 19th February
Wednesday 4th March
Wednesday 25th March

All nominations close the day prior at 1pm. 11am start.
(Licenced Drivers only)

Tel 03 313 5971
Fax 03 313 5931