Life After Racing Grants

Health and animal welfare is very important to Harness Racing New Zealand, and we consider that: “Every Standardbred horse should be treated with respect, compassion and understanding and shall receive a standard of care which allows them to enjoy a good quality of life while in the racing industry and on retirement.”

Responsible re-homing of Standardbreds is a vital issue for racing internationally. Harness Racing New Zealand is committed to providing as many of our retiring horses as possible with an opportunity to find a home when they retire from the racing industry.

Standardbreds throughout New Zealand have successful careers after racing in many equestrian disciplines including showing, trekking, show jumping, endurance, competitive trail riding, cowboy challenge and eventing, as well as being a pleasure hack and much loved family horse.

Harness Racing New Zealand is proud to introduce their new Life After Racing Grant Scheme. This initiative has been developed to assist and support the rehoming and retraining of Standardbred horses.

Guidelines for Harness Racing New Zealand life after racing grants

To apply for a grant, you must complete the application form that can be downloaded here

Application criteria

Applications will be accepted from rehomers of Standardbreds in New Zealand, that are:

Rehoming Standardbred horses that have recently retired from the racing industry; and are

Re-educating these horses to be on sold as riding and/or pleasure horses

We will only support applicants that demonstrate good animal welfare practices during the process of rehoming and re-educating of Standardbred horses.

Application Process

Send your completed application form to the grant administrator at Harness Racing New Zealand
(full name and details can be found at the bottom of the application form).

Closing dates for applications are midnight on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December in any year. Applications will be reviewed by the Grants Committee and if the application is successful the grant will be given in the form of vouchers, or HRNZ will pay agreed costs direct.

The Grants Committee comprises of the HRNZ Education & Animal Welfare Manager, HRNZ HERO Manager and a representative from the NZ Standardbred Breeders Association.

Successful applicants will be required to acknowledge Harness Racing New Zealand as a supporter, and to be positive about Harness Racing New Zealand and the racing industry in social media.

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