Clockwork Special

Dancing Master
Hurry On
1996 Gelding
Present Roll
Semi Retired

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This is my Standardbred Monz. His name is short for 'Mon Ami' which is 'my friend' in French although his original race name was 'Clockwork Special'.

Although Monz was a flop at racing/trialing, he is not a flop at being my best mate. 

I've had Monz for over 10 years now, and in his younger days he was an inhand show horse. I took him on at 14 to show him in the ridden section, winning many many ribbons. 

Together we have competed at show jumping days, been swimming in rivers, galloped down the beach, trekked up high hilltops in North Canterbury. You name it we have done it. 

He's semi retired now, still passing his yearly flexion/vet checks and enjoying the relaxed life of hacking and having fun.

He dosen't act or look a day over 15 and has aged like a fine wine. He is a real rare gem. Everyone knows him for his goofy personality and gentle manner.

Story shared by Nadia Bisset






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