Flamin Shard

Courage Under Fire
Annettes Reign
2010 Mare
Present Roll
Pleasure Horse

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I got Annie when I was 45 (now 50).

I was looking to get back into riding and a Standardbred appealed to me for their reliability and sturdiness.

Annie had been advertised for a while as a green broke 6 year old, and when I enquired about her she was free to a good home.

Another bonus was a second horse was also available for my partner Mace, this would enable both of us to enjoy riding and trekking together.

So along with Annie, 22 year old Bashful Warrior (Stan)​ also joined the family.​

My early days with Annie- I had to break her to saddle. I met the ground on the otherside when being legged up as my​ foot bumped her bum and​ she spun around.

Fast forward​ two years and after teaching Annie to canter (a bit of a mission and she always threw in a wee buck) and starting a wee bit of jumping Annie has become "a lovely wee hack". Although she does have the odd quirk, in particular her loathing of trucks.

However it seems that Annie is not only a "wee hack" but has taken a liking to competing in Barrel Racing.

The first attempt was funny as she didnt know what I wanted and reared at a barrel, nearly putting her front feet on it.

However after some tips and training with a professional barrel racer at a barrel racing training day, Annie and I managed to compete in a timed run against other riders.​ We completed the run in 24 seconds and took home a cup for first place in the adult division.

We have also completed the 2019 Hawea Cavalcade.

Now days we compete in showing and jumping, but still love treking and barrel racing. 

Story shared by Gayna Coulter




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