Magnate Mara

Lis Mara
Lavish Bromac
2013 Gelding
Present Roll
Pleasure Hack

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Magnate Mara aka Murray is a pretty cool horse.

He has a few quirks but enjoys the day to day quiet life he now leads. He enjoys going out and about at a very slow pace, he doesn't really excell at anything in particular other than just being Murray.

After Murray had finished racing, he was turned out and then broken in by Jackie law.

When I first rode him we had the steering of a 1974 Holden with no power steering, almost like trying to steer a tank. I got Murrays teeth looked at and found a tooth niggling his gum that needed removed and his back also needed a tweak.

Luckily for me I had my Dad (Warren Stapleton) on hand to give Murray the once over for me.

Murray is my rock and my go too when ever I struggle in life. Nothing like Murray's big boof head pushing into mine to get my mental health back on track.

Everyone should have a Murray.

Story shared by Kylie Stapleton

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