China Cat

Cicada Jenerik
2016 Mare
North Island
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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This little mare came to me days before lockdown 2020 and I used lockdown to break her in.

Since then I have competed in a number of graded preliminary dressage tests, which gave us two highlights last season. The first was getting a 64.4% and the second finishing the season off by competing for the first time in graded novice, with an extremely respectful score of 62.2%.

Kat will be competing this dressage season in Novice, and we are hoping to gain our musical qualifying score for HOY 2022. My aim is to finish this coming season in level 3.

This little mare is my best friend, she excels with the harder moments and she has a very bright career in dressage.

Kat has a super brain, is super smart, is a quick learner and she has the kindest nature. 

Story shared by Ladene Matson

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