Will Take Charge

Washington VC
Ms Williams
2013 Gelding
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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I have had Willis for over 2 years now and I was out of the saddle for approximately ten years prior to purchasing him off SJ O'Reilly Equestrian.

Willis is quite the character and a favourite wherever he goes due to his cheeky and quirky personality, and cute looks.

He will fidgit when he is tied up, un-tie his own rope and then try to un-tie all the other horses ropes.

He will throw his feed bucket in the air, eat his own brushes, and if the cows moo he will neigh back.

He will boss the sheep around because they are the only animals that are smaller than him and he loves mud, he manages to find mud in a dry paddock.

We have spent alot of time navigating through new obstacles, such as learning that pukekos can't kill you and that the road signs don't turn into scary monsters. 

Willis has also proved how incredibly forgiving and patient Standardbreds can be. He has had to put up with his owner trying to bring herself back up to speed after a long break away from riding.

He loves to be out and about trekking, playing in the river and loves to jump especially on the cross country course. He has climbed cliffs, navigated tight spaces and knows exactly what to do when he sees a herd of cows.

Willis is also fantastic with kids and knows how to behave when they are riding him.

We recently entered the Waiuku Series Distance Riding event where he placed 1st in the 8 km ride, quite an achievement as this was his first competition and my first event in over 15 years. I was incredibly proud of him as he does everything like a pro and shows how incrediblely versatile the Standardbred can be.

This is just the beginning for Willis and I'm looking forward to seeing how far this little pocket rocket will go in life.

Story shared by Stacey Harvey





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