Education Resources

New whip rule video

A short educational video on the new whip regulation which came into effect on October 1, 2020.


NZERF Equine Bulletins

New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Bulletins can be found here to download and read online.


Caring for horses in the heat

In order to keep your horse/s happy and healthy during very hot weather, here are some things to consider.

20 May 2021

Equine Parasites

The NZ Equine Research Foundation is pleased to announce the release on this educational video on recent research conducted on deworming.

5 March 2021

Learn about Laminitis

This is a short educational video to provide important information to all participants in the equine industry.

23 September 2020

Learn about Strangles

A great short educational video on Stangles. Proudly bought to you by NZ Equine Research Foundation.

2 December 2021

Learn about Gastric Ulcers

See Professor Ben Sykes from Massey University explain the intricacies of gastric ulcer disease in horses