HRNZ Microchipping

As of August 1st 2021 all Standardbred foals will now be microchipped and DNA tested only. HRNZ will no longer be freeze branding. This means that freeze branding will no longer be carried out on Standardbreds.

Harness Racing New Zealand is using the LifeChip Microchips which are produced by Destron Fearing in France.

This is the same technology that is used by many racing entities around the world including Harness Racing Australia, so the microchips have already been successfully implanted in racehorses.

Microchipping will improve traceability and options for Standardbreds when they retire from the sport.

Our horse identifiers have been trained by a Veterinary surgeon on the process of implanting the microchips.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and the method of inserting the chip is very simple. The area that the microchip is implanted into is sterilised and shaved of long hair. The microchip is then placed along the top of the neck, beside the nuchal ligament, halfway between the ears and the withers.

It will be the responsibility of the owner and/or trainer to be able to correctly identify their horse(s), and HRNZ has updated the infohorse database to include the Microchip numbers.

Your bluetooth scanner should connect to your phone automatically, but if you do have any issues, please first check that your Bluetooth is turned on on your phone, and then if the issue still has not disappeared please contact Kane in our IT department on (03) 740-0955

Microchip Scanners

Harness Racing New Zealand has successfully tested and trialed three microchip scanners that are compatible with our app.We can now recommend these three for purchase.

The three branded microchip scanners are the Halo, RT 100 V8 and the GPR+ (Global Pocket Reader +). The GPR+ and the pet scan RT 100 V8 are Bluetooth compatible, and the Halo scanner can either be purchased without Bluetooth (Halo) or with Bluetooth (Halo+).

HRNZ recommend the below three microchip scanners, but any scanner will read our microchips.

Halo & Halo+

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Rechargeable via a USB cable
  • Small, lightweight and robust and not intrusive for the animal being scanned
  • Will display if the 9 digit encrypted chip is detected, however the ISO standard 15 digit is the New Zealand standard.
  • Effective read range. The entire outer edge is the scanning area so that a large scanning area is covered in one go.

The Halo Scanners can be purchased through

RT100 V8

The RT100 V8 Bluetooth Reader/Pocket Scanner is one of the most efficient low-cost readers available

Key Features

  • Robust, easy to use
  • Compatible with smart phones
  • USB Cable & Wrist strap included
  • Re-chargeable 3.7v Lithium Battery
  • 12-month warranty (if purchased through Swiss Plus ID)
  • Memory allows for 800 animal IDs

The V8BT Scanners can be purchased through

Use the promo code Harness to receive free freight with Swiss plus ID

GPR+ (Global Pocket Reader Plus)

The GPR+ is a universal Microchip Scanner, and is Bluetooth Compatible with Android phones, but is not currently Bluetooth compatible with apple phones

Key Features

  • Reads and stores up to 3,000 microchip numbers
  • Includes Bluetooth and USB cable for easy memory download
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Improved drop resistance
  • Displays and stores Microchip Temperatures™ when reading

The GPR+ Scanner can be purchased by emailing [email protected]


North Island

G C Hooper
11 Hogan Street Pukekohe 2120
Ph 09-238-1792 or 0272-410-373

South Island (north of and including Waikouaiti)

P C Black
820 Two Chain Road RD 5 Rangiora 7475
Ph 03-312-6508 or 027-214-9704

South Island (south of Waikouaiti)

Vetco Ltd
PO Box 9 Edendale 9848
Ph 03-206-6170

Industry Information

Microchipping Guide

From the 2021/22 season all foals will be microchipped only.