Sunny Pegasus

Pegasus Spur
Quick Sun
2012 Gelding
North Island
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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My Standardbreds name is Buster and he only finished racing last October/November.

Buster is now enjoying life as my pleasure hack. Together we have lessons for flat work and jumping, weekly outings to the forest, pony club, clinics and lots of playing around in the paddocks.

Buster loves his jumping and he has come such a long way in the short time he has been off the track. We are jumping around 80cm show jumps now. He is super bold in cross country and jumps most things.

Although he wasn't a fan of the water jump to start with but with abit of encouragement he learned to love it and it became hard to get him out.

My hopes for the future are to take him eventing, we just need to work a bit more on our dressage. We have established the canter with the help of my coach but we are now working on getting and keeping a slower more balanced canter.

I will also add that Buster is super cheeky in the paddock, he assumes every person that arrives at the grazing is there for him and when they fail to give him food he gets grumpy and starts chewing posts or chasing the cows. He also likes to play chase if he decides he doesn't want to be caught.

Story shared by Darbylea Allard


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