Charlie Chuckles

2010 Gelding
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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Chuck is a bit of a gentle giant who suits his nickname 'The Mammoth' due to his 16.3hh size and amazing lack of forelock (although he makes up for it in the tail department).

He's 11 years old and first spent his first years out of racing at a trekking centre in Glenorchy.

I got him over a year ago and at first it seemed like riding on stilts, but we've gotten used to each other. Chuck is really sure footed, happily working his way along goat tracks when we're trekking in the backcountry. He's super keen on water too, enjoying the beach, lakes and rivers although it usually means that you're going to get wet aswell!

Chuck loves being part of our wee herd at home, with food also being a major interest for him. He's the largest, but not the boss as our 21 year old standie rules the roost.

With his super temperament and eager nature, Chuck is a star and I'm looking forward to having lots of adventures with him over the coming years.

Story shared by Mark Bishop



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