Golden Future

Nimble Trotter
2010 Mare
Present Roll
Pleasure Horse

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I've had Moo for six years she is a pleasure horse. We also do some dressage schooling and trekking around the property. 

I couldn't ask for a nicer horse.

She has alot of spunk on the ground for 14.3hh and around other horses. However she loves people.

She is sensitive but the kindest horse to ride. She has taught non horsey people to ride on the lead and particularly loves people with special needs.

She is my first Standardbred. 

I was warned she didn't like mud, puddles, or silage bales.

Given the chance to work it out for herself 3 days, she now despooks herself. With the words 'touch it' she does and then sighs. 

The icing on the cake so to speak is her lacing on her back.

 Story shared by Janiene

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