Welfare Contacts

Need Support

Through the Salvation Army the industry has its own dedicated Racetrack Support Chaplain, Andrew McKerrow, who is available to provide a non-judgemental ear and a shoulder on which to lean.

The industry is also able to call upon the services of Dianna Young, our Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Clinician, who is available to help those working through addiction or other mental health issues.

Andrew McKerrow

Racetrack Support Chaplain

Mobile: 029 771 2398
[email protected]

Andrew McKerrow is the Salvation Army Racetrack Support Chaplain. Andrew works solely with the racing industry, providing care and support to whoever needs it. Whether you're just needing someone to talk to or help with larger issues, Andrew can provide initial care while connecting you with further help if needed.

Dianna Young

Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Clinician

Mobile: 021 941 085
Email: [email protected]

Dianna is a registered Alcohol and Drug, and Mental Health Clinician / Counsellor, employed by The Salvation Army and contracted exclusively to the racing industry.

This industry is unique in many ways, and most of those ways are exciting and positive. However, the stress on people in the industry may be overwhelming at times.

Let’s work together to keep this wonderful industry healthy and thriving, by encouraging each other to reach out for help and support when we need it.

Some of what I can provide:

  • Alcohol and Drug
    Assessments, diagnosis, advice, reports, referrals, detox, residential care, treatment, support, education.
  • Counselling
    Stress, grief, bullying, trauma, coping skills, communication skills, abusive relationships, and anything else.
  • Mental Health
    Assessments, differential diagnosis, referrals, advice, education, support.

All sessions are confidential

Other help HRNZ have available

A reminder that HRNZ offers the below support services to all Licenceholders, if you feel you need to reach out to someone about the following...


A free counselling service provided to Licenceholders if you need assistance with - 

  • Personal or workplace stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Conflict situations
  • Anxiety / depression
  • Anger / Violence
  • Grief / loss
  • Harassment
  • Personal trauma
  • Addictions
  • Budget advice

Call 0508 664 981 24/7 or complete the online referral form here.