Sector Resources

Sector Resources Templates and Supporting Documents

The Health and Safety at Work Act came into force on April 4, 2016 with additional Health and Safety requirements, as the Government looks to substantially reduce New Zealand’s terrible work safety record.

It is important that Health and Safety is given a priority now and not delayed.

HRNZ have resources to assist Clubs as to where they can get assistance and guidance if required, plus your local WorkSafe representative will also be available to assist.

If you would prefer these documents emailed or in another format please contact: [email protected] 


  1. Summary of new H&S ACT this is a legal overview of the new ACT and how it impacts on trainers, breeders, drivers
  2. Trainer/breeder  contractor induction
  3. Trainer/breeder – staff induction
  4. Induction doc  HRNZ stable staff (document suitable for people new to the stable environment)
  5. Signage - Signage for Stables
  6. How to create a H&S Plan How to create a H&S Plan
  7. Horse Racing Safety Guide Horse Racing Safety Guide
  8. Sizing Guide & Pricing for Signage - Horse Property Safety Signage