Fee Schedule

The following fees apply for 2020/2021 Season (as at 1st August 2020)

HRNZ Transaction Fees

Branding Fee (charged if foal un-registered at 1st August) $145.00
Change of name $110.00
Colours Registration - new $125.00
Colours Registration - 3 yearly renewal or Transfer $80.00
Export Clearance Fee $500.00
Foal Registration - Current season born $195.00
Foal Registration - Previous seasons  Fee Scale
Import Clearance Fee $500.00
Imported Horse Registration $60.00
Leases - Breeding and Racing $80.00
Service Certificates $35.00
Service Certificates (if on HRNZ Stud Management Programme) $30.00
Stallion Registrations 0-25 mares $70.00
Stallion Registrations 26-50 mares $110.00
Stallion Registrations 51+ mares and Non Resident Stallion $215.00
Syndicates - Annual Renewal $30.00
Syndicates - New Free
Transfer of Ownership $80.00
Company Registration $165.00
Family Trust Registration $165.00

HRNZ Licence Fees


Open Horseman  $175.00
Graduation Horseman  $135.00
Advanced Amateur Horseman $135.00
Junior Horseman  $125.00
Trials Horseman  $105.00
Trials Horseman (If licensed as an Advanced Amateur Horseman)  $0.00
Licence To Train and Open Horseman $270.00
Licence To Train and Graduation Horseman $230.00
Licence To Train and Junior Horseman $220.00
Licence To Train and Trials Horseman $200.00
Licence To Train and Trials Horseman (If licensed as an Advanced Amateur Horseman) $145.00
Public Trainer and Open Horseman $300.00
Public Trainer and Graduation Horseman $260.00
Public Trainer and Junior Horseman $250.00
Public Trainer and Trials Horseman $230.00
Public Trainer and Trials Horseman (If licensed as an Advanced Amateur Horseman) $175.00
Judges and Starters (Open) $70.00
Judges and Starters (Trials Only) $35.00
Stablehand $35.00
Sulky Fund Premium $85.00
Sulky Replacement Registration Plate $11.50

In accordance with the Rules of Harness Racing, the full fee is required to be submitted with any transactions. From 1 October 2010 HRNZ may add an additional fee of $25 for short or non-paid fees for transactions received for processing, that require us to produce an invoice.

Please make sure you send the correct amount with your horse lease or transfer transaction.