Master Jonty

Dancing Master
Jonty Jo
1998 Gelding
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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I would like to introduce you to my Standardbred superstar.

Jonty AKA Super Jonty, is 23 years old (don't let the age fool you, he can still bust a move with the younguns)

Jonty is a star. Let me tell you there's not much he hasn't done and he's done it all well! (Apart from racing)

He is a supreme all breeds ridden champion, champion round the ring hunter and champion at level 2 dressage. He has won pretraining jumping events and graded up to training, showjumping to 1 metre, and loves to turn a hoof in an obstacle course or a bit of barrel racing.

He is definitely my one in a million, he loves to take a beginner out on a ride and is then naughty when I get on him. 

Jonty likes - jumping, carrots, a good scratch on the neck and running away when we have something important to do!

Dislikes- showing, and having the vet out to clean for a bean.

Story shared by Tash Bol

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