The Outlaws Rule

Charles Bronson
Rosey Rule
2011 Gelding
South Island
Present Roll
Sport Horse

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Three years ago I met the most bossy gelding I've ever met.

I saw him on Facebook in about October 2018 and fell in love.

I managed to get him just before Christmas from Nelson as Majestic horse floats had a cancellation.

There was a moment that clicked and I just knew I'd keep him forever.

It was our first hack, my friends horse was staying in my paddocks and Comet kicked a bucket, making my friend's horse freak out. He pullled back and pulled out three meters of post and wire fencing. I thought Comet was going to bolt as he went to move away, like a lot of green horses would. It really stood out to me as he just walked a stride turned and watched the entire thing happen.

He has continued that wonderful attitude to life in all aspects of his ridden career.

His first ever show was an A & P show where he wasn't bothered by anything even the bag pipes. I have taken him mustering cattle with the majority being done bareback. He loves this and seems to adore any livestock.

He has also proceeded to try and get into the spa pool area up and down steps! He's been showjumping and bareback beach hacks.  

It's been a long journey these three years from a severe feed allergy that took 18 months to solve, to being back at full health teaching beginners and taking a novice rider on her first hack in five years.

Even though it's been a hard journey I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I have truly found my heart horse in the shape of a 15.hh bossy, bratty gelding who would do anything I asked. Out of all the standardbreds I've started and rehomed he's the one I'd never trade. 

Story shared by Sophie Cairns

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