The Tin Soldier

Tintin In America
Bonny Sunday
2013 Gelding
Present Roll
Pleasure Horse

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Hi Seahorse Supplements,

I got my boy, The Tin Soldier, now known as Kowhai in February 2021. He's a beautiful 7 year old chestnut Standardbred gelding.

He was an amazing pacer and won many races for his owners.

When I got him, he wasn't bad, but he was light, had cow hips and looked abit scrawny.

I dewormed him, had his teeth done, fed him hard feed twice daily, gave him lucerne and he had lots of grass.

Problem was, he did not want to eat.

Four months later he started looking a little bit better but every time I took his cover off, I'd cringe. My horses are generally healthy and good-looking with a bit of fat on them, but this boy was just not getting there. 

I considered taking him to the vet for an overall checkup and to see if he could possibly have ulcers.

I first did some research and read up about retired racehorses with gut problems and ulcers. I found out about products like Maxia Complete which "help support the health of the entire digestive tract including the stomach and hind gut".

About three days after I started feeding him the Maxia Complete his appetite increased and he started gaining weight. I was and am so happy!

He's bulked up and looks so good.  He still needs to gain some more weight around his barrel, but he doesn't have those horrible cow hips anymore and it's a pleasure taking his cover off now.

The other thing I also found about Maxia Complete compared to other products is its affordability. 

I absolutely love this product and am so grateful for it!

Thank you Maxia Digest!

Story shared by Lizl Van Der Westhuizen

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