Rory McIlwrick

Favourite track: Cromwell
Favourite horse:
I'm Trouble
Favourite win:
There are too many special wins on special horses and for special people to single one out
Favourite food:
Any food shared with good company
Favourite movie: 
The last Samaria
Favourite song: 
Little Wonders (Rob Thomas)
Favourite part of racing:
The community of people and race driving
What are your goals for the future:
To prepare to drive my next race as well as possible
Why is being an ambassador important to you:
I am very fortunate to live the privileged life I do, to have good health and when there are those going through difficult times needing treatment and needing support if I could help in any small way I feel as though that is a somewhat useful use of that good fortune. 

Sponsors (per win): 
Tyler Dewe Racing Stables - $100 - $200 if the horse is trained by Tyler
HRNZ - $100
Some of the Clubs raced at - $100