Matty White

Favourite track: Addington
Favourite horse:
Nicholas Cage
Favourite win: 
Western Australian Derby with Three Blind Mice
Favourite food:
Favourite movie:
Forest Gump
Favourite song:
The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)
Favourite part of racing:
The people and winning races
What are your goals for the future:
Try and make a bit of money for Blue September
Why is being an ambassador important to you:
Because it is important to raise awareness about PC and also how critical it is for early detection as it is such a cruel disease

Sponsors (per win):
McCracken Sports - $50
Dunstan Horsefeeds - $50
Betavet - $50
Wilson Farms - $20
Les White - $100
ATC Racenight Stewards - $100
HRNZ - $100
Some of the Clubs raced at - $100