Nathan Williamson

Favourite track: Ascot Park
Favourite horse:
Springbank Richard
Favourite win:
Ragazzo Mach winning the Supremacy Stakes
Favourite food:
Garlic Steak
Favourite movie:
Men Of Honour
Favourite song:
Armarillo (Morning)
Favourite part of racing:
The people
What are your goals for the future:
To win every Southland feature race
Why is being an ambassador important to you:
Because its a great cause and it effects many

Sponsors (per win): 
Brendon Franks Farrier - $100
Goodman Plumbing - $50
Ryal Bush Transport - $50
P&L Ltd - $50
Williamson Racing Ltd - $50
HRNZ - $100
A K Black Racing - $500 (one off)
Some of the Clubs raced at - $100