Customer Support - Windows

Customer support for Windows computers.

Begin Support Session  |  End the Session

Begin Support Session

Save this program linked here to your machine (e.g. your 'desktop' will do as a location).

Note - some anti-virus programs may throw up  warnings. Just choose the option that allows you to continue to save the program (as this is not a virus but a program to allow remote control which alarms some antivirus/protection software).

The icon for this program looks like this:         VNC support icon

 To begin the support session just run the program (double click icon).

This should then open the support program shown below.

Double click the name of the person who trying to offer you support:


If all goes well, the support person should be able to see and control your PC now.


Ending the session


You can end the session at any time by right clicking the 'U' shaped icon that will now have appeared in your 'system tray', in the lower right of your screen, and choose 'Close'.

win7icon       or