Meet The Team - Kane Sheng



Title: Analyst / Programmer

Role/Duties: Software Developer. My main job is programming, writing different programs is really fun. I’m the developer of our HRNZ App as well (Please give 5 star when you see it on PlayStore/AppStore :) )

How long have you worked at HRNZ? I started working at HRNZ in 2007. 14 years so far!

Are you involved in racing outside of work? If so how? No, I have no racing background at all. I sometimes bet on horses when I get random bonus bets in my TAB account.

What are your hobbies? Basketball is my favourite sport. I love watching animé (Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, etc). I also play Mobile Strategy Games and PUBG on PC.

Favourite horse from past or present? Hurry Curry– It’s my first randomly picked horse for testing my program, and the name is eye-catching

What was your first paying job? Merchandiser for Goodman Fielder via student job search. I had to travel around the supermarkets, bring their products out from the warehouse and report on the remaining stock.

Favourite holiday destination? China. Love to go back there and visit my relatives.

What do you like most about your job? The work I do is always new, with different projects and different bugs to fix. My colleagues are really really nice. The most satisfying thing is when people use the program I wrote, and they tell me they really love it

What is something that not many people know about you? I love Chinese Baijiu with 52% Alcohol.


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