Challenge to Sundees Son : "bring it on"

By Adam Hamilton

The owner of Inter Dominion champion Maori Law, Fred Crews is thrilled Kiwi megastar Sundees Son looks set to chase the Great Southern Star in Melbourne in February.

Rather than fearing the powerhouse trotter, Crews can’t wait to take him on.

“I’m not scared of him, in fact I’m excited about him coming. It’s just what the sport needs,” he said.

“I respect him, but had it not been for a little hiccup, I was sending Maori Law across to take him on in the Dominion.”

Crews points to the fact Sundees Son has to overcome a few factors to continue his rampage on this side of the ditch.

“He looks more of a stayer than a speedster and the Great Southern Star is a sprint race where gate speed is so important,” he said.

“Then you’ve got to consider he has to travel away from home and away from the Addington track, which he loves so much.

“Will he be as good away from home and racing a smaller track like Melton, which some other big- name Kiwis have come and not been overly comfortable around.

“Bring it on, I say.”

Maori Law is having a quiet week before co-trainers Emmett and Richard Brosnan wind him up again towards the Great Southern Star.

“He came through the Inter Dominion series so well, it’s incredible,” Crews said. “He’s got this week off then we start to look for a lead-up race or two to have him spot-on for the Great Southern Star. I’m not sure what they’ll be, but they don’t matter, it’s all about the Great Southern Star.”

Crews, who has spent his life in harness racing, said winning the Inter Dominion last Saturday was the ultimate.

“That’s the original dream come true for me,” he said. “It doesn’t get any better.

“I always believed this horse could do it for me, but it took finding the right people to train him to bring it all together.

“People say he’s injury-plagued, but they have been more little setbacks than injuries.

“Emmett and Richard have really clicked with him, they understand him. I’d include Virginia (Brosna) in that as well.

“They’ve done a fantastic job with him and hopefully there’s a lot more still to come.

“He’s rising nine, but given his setbacks, he’s only been lightly raced, so he should have a fair bit of racing left in him yet.”


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