Can anyone beat the King in tonight's Miracle Mile?

By Adam Hamilton

Will there be any real pressure on King Of Swing to hold the lead in this Miracle Mile?

That’s been the burning question all week with most people thinking and/or hoping that pressures come from slick beginner Mach Dan and exciting young gun Bondi Lockdown.

So, we got the last word from the drivers of both ahead of the Miracle Mile where King Of Swing is an easing $1.65 favourite to create history and become the first three-time winner.

Nathan Jack, who drives Newcastle Mile winner Mach Dan, hasn’t ruled-out changing his arm early, but is leaning towards a more conservative approach.

“If I plant the foot, it’s a do or die move,” he said. “And, deep down, I’m not sure I’d be able to get across him.

“In saying that, he really ripped out of the gate at Newcastle and that surprised me a little. He did that by himself, I didn’t really ask him. I’m sure he’d get out a lot quicker if I did.

“The risk is, if I don’t cross, I’ve spent my petrol early and probably run my race then. And there’s lot of prize money up for grabs for running second, third or fourth a $1 million race.

“I’ll probably make my final decision as the gate lets them go. Then I’ll know exactly how he feels.”

And what about Bondi Lockdown’s trainer-driver Aaron Dunn?

“I’m getting more confident as the race gets closer than he’s back to his best,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that hard run in the Chariots took a bit out of him. I had to nurse him a bit and he missed a little bit of work, but he’s really picked up this week. The two weeks between runs has been crucial.

“I think I have to come out at the start, got hard for the first 50m and see what’s happening underneath me.

“I don’t that many horses will be bustled off the gate and I’m two gates closer in than the Chariots (seven compared to nine).

“Who knows, if I come out hard, I might even be a chance of going on with it and getting across King Of Swing, but I’d only keep going if it looked like I was a big chance of crossing him.

“Otherwise, it looks like I could get outside the leader without having to work too hard.

“One thing I know, I can’t go back. There’s nothing else in the race so I have to put my guy into it. He’s one of the youngest in the race, but one of the toughest and I know he’ll keep going.”

So, what does all that mean for King Of Swing?

The odds are strongly in his favour to hold the lead and be awfully hard to beat.

But he’s going to have the much improved and brilliant stalker Spirit Of St Louis following him everywhere and looking very dangerous if he sees daylight at the right time.

The Miracle Mile will go at 11.40 NZT tonight.


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