Horse / Pacer / Trotter of the Year Awards

Year Horse of the Year Trotter of the Year Pacer of the Year
2023 Millwood Nike Oscar Bonavena Millwood Nike
2022 Sundees Son Sundees Son Self Assured
2020/2021 Sundees Son Sundees Son Bettor Twist
2019/2020 Ultimate Sniper Winterfell Ultimate Sniper
2018/2019 Spankem Sundees Son Spankem
2017/2018 Lazarus Speeding Spur Lazarus
2016/2017 Lazarus Monbet Lazarus
2015/2016 Monbet Monbet Have Faith In Me
2014/2015 Christen Me Stent Christen Me
2013/2014 Terror To Love Master Lavros Terror To Love
2012/2013 Terror To Love Stig Terror To Love
2011/2012  I Can Doosit I Can Doosit  Terror To Love 
2010/2011 Carabella I Can Doosit Carabella
2009/2010 Monkey King Kahdon Monkey King
2008/2009 Auckland Reactor Stig Auckland Reactor
2007/2008 Auckland Reactor Sovereignty Auckland Reactor
2006/2007 Flashing Red One Over Kenny Flashing Red
2005/2006 Mainland Banner Delft Mainland Banner
2004/2005 Elsu One Over Kenny Elsu
2003/2004 Elsu Take a Moment Elsu
2002/2003 Take A Moment Take a Moment Young Rufus
2001/2002 Elect To Live La Coocaracha Elect To Live
2000/2001 Yulestar Lyell Creek Yulestar
1999/2000 Lyell Creek Lyell Creek Stars And Stripes
1998/1999 Christian Cullen Special Force Christian Cullen
1997/1998 Merinai Merinai Holmes DG
1996/1997 Iraklis Pride Of Petite Iraklis
1995/1996 Il Vicolo Call Me Now Il Vicolo
1994/1995 Il Vicolo Call Me Now Il Vicolo
1993/1994 Chokin David Moss Chokin
1992/1993 Blossom Lady David Moss Blossom Lady
1991/1992 Christopher Vance William Dee Christopher Vance
1990/1991 Chokin Sundon Chokin
1989/1990 Inky Lord Idle Scott Inky Lord
1988/1989 Luxury Liner Yankee Loch Luxury Liner
1987/1988 Luxury Liner Simon Katz Luxury Liner
1986/1987 Master Mood Tussle Master Mood
1985/1986 Master Mood Mairo Sultan Master Mood
1984/1985 Roydon Glen Basil Dean Roydon Glen
1983/1984 Sir Castleton / Steel Jaw Basil Dean Steel Jaw
1982/1983 Bonnie's Chance Scotch Notch Bonnie's Chance
1981/1982 Armalight Stormy Morn Armalight
1980/1981 Delightful Lady Scotch Tar Delightful Lady
1979/1980 Lord Module Special Pride Lord Module
1978/1979 No Response No Response Sapling
1977/1978  Sole Command Nigel Craig Sole Command
1976/1977 Stanley Rio Nigel Craig Stanley Rio
1975/1976 Lunar Chance Easton Light Lunar Chance
1974/1975 Young Quinn Easton Light Young Quinn
1973/1974 Robalan Easton Light Robalan
1972/1973 Wag   Wag
1971/1972 Arapaho   Arapaho
1970/1971 Stella Frost   Stella Frost
1969/1970 Bonnie Frost   Bonnie Frost
1968/1969 Garcon Roux   Garcon Roux