Horse / Pacer / Trotter of the Year Awards

Year Horse of the Year Trotter of the Year Pacer of the Year
2019/2020 Ultimate Sniper Winterfell Ultimate Sniper
2018/2019 Spankem Sundees Son Spankem
2017/2018 Lazarus Speeding Spur Lazarus
2016/2017 Lazarus Monbet Lazarus
2015/2016 Monbet Monbet Have Faith In Me
2014/2015 Christen Me Stent Christen Me
2013/2014 Terror To Love Master Lavros Terror To Love
2012/2013 Terror To Love Stig Terror To Love
2011/2012  I Can Doosit I Can Doosit  Terror To Love 
2010/2011 Carabella I Can Doosit Carabella
2009/2010 Monkey King Kahdon Monkey King
2008/2009 Auckland Reactor Stig Auckland Reactor
2007/2008 Auckland Reactor Sovereignty Auckland Reactor
2006/2007 Flashing Red One Over Kenny Flashing Red
2005/2006 Mainland Banner Delft Mainland Banner
2004/2005 Elsu One Over Kenny Elsu
2003/2004 Elsu Take a Moment Elsu
2002/2003 Take A Moment Take a Moment Young Rufus
2001/2002 Elect To Live La Coocaracha Elect To Live
2000/2001 Yulestar Lyell Creek Yulestar
1999/2000 Lyell Creek Lyell Creek Stars And Stripes
1998/1999 Christian Cullen Special Force Christian Cullen
1997/1998 Merinai Merinai Holmes DG
1996/1997 Iraklis Pride Of Petite Iraklis
1995/1996 Il Vicolo Call Me Now Il Vicolo
1994/1995 Il Vicolo Call Me Now Il Vicolo
1993/1994 Chokin David Moss Chokin
1992/1993 Blossom Lady David Moss Blossom Lady
1991/1992 Christopher Vance William Dee Christopher Vance
1990/1991 Chokin Sundon Chokin
1989/1990 Inky Lord Idle Scott Inky Lord
1988/1989 Luxury Liner Yankee Loch Luxury Liner
1987/1988 Luxury Liner Simon Katz Luxury Liner
1986/1987 Master Mood Tussle Master Mood
1985/1986 Master Mood Mairo Sultan Master Mood
1984/1985 Roydon Glen Basil Dean Roydon Glen
1983/1984 Sir Castleton / Steel Jaw Basil Dean Steel Jaw
1982/1983 Bonnie's Chance Scotch Notch Bonnie's Chance
1981/1982 Armalight Stormy Morn Armalight
1980/1981 Delightful Lady Scotch Tar Delightful Lady
1979/1980 Lord Module Special Pride Lord Module
1978/1979 No Response No Response Sapling
1977/1978  Sole Command Nigel Craig Sole Command
1976/1977 Stanley Rio Nigel Craig Stanley Rio
1975/1976 Lunar Chance Easton Light Lunar Chance
1974/1975 Young Quinn Easton Light Young Quinn
1973/1974 Robalan Easton Light Robalan
1972/1973 Wag   Wag
1971/1972 Arapaho   Arapaho
1970/1971 Stella Frost   Stella Frost
1969/1970 Bonnie Frost   Bonnie Frost
1968/1969 Garcon Roux   Garcon Roux