Broodmare / Stallion of the Year

Year Broodmare of the Year Stallion of the Year
  Trotting Pacing Trotting Pacing
2023 Now's The Moment Start Dreaming Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2022 Habibiti Lively Nights Muscle Hill Bettor's Delight
2020/2021 Stardon Twist And Twirl Muscle Hill Bettor's Delight
2019/2020 Una Bromac Christian Dreamer Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2018/2019 Della's Speed Reality Check Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2017/2018 Ten To One Bethany Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2016/2017 Another Starlett Bethany Love You Bettor's Delight
2015/2016 Diedre Darling Splendid Dreams Love You Bettor's Delight


Year Broodmare of the Year Stallion of the Year
2014/2015 Scuse Me Bettor's Delight
2013/2014 Love To Live Bettor's Delight
2012/2013 Scuse Me Bettor's Delight
2011/2012 Sheezadoosie Bettor's Delight 
2010/2011 Vicario Bettor's Delight
2009/2010 Sheezadoosie Sundon
2008/2009 Janetta's Pride Christian Cullen
2007/2008 Atomic Lass Christian Cullen
2006/2007 Happy Highlander Sundon
2005/2006 Rob the Nest Christian Cullen
2004/2005 Interchange Sundon
2003/2004 Interchange In The Pocket
2002/2003 Bee Gee's Dream Sundon
2001/2002 Tabella Beth Holmes Hanover
2000/2001 Aberfeldy Holmes Hanover
1999/2000 Sungait Song Homes Hanover
1998/1999 Deborah Dundee In The Pocket
1997/1998 Pleasant Franco Holmes Hanover
1996/1997 Tuapeka Star Vance Hanover
1995/1996 Tempest Tiger Vance Hanover 
1994/1995 Sakuntala Vance Hanover
1993/1994 Miss Clevedon Vance Hanover
1992/1993 Zenover Vance Hanover
1991/1992 Disco Pride Vance Hanover
1990/1991 Nell's Pride Game Pride/ Vance Hanover
1989/1990 Black Watch Lordship
1988/1989 Heatherloch Vance Hanover
1987/1988 Miranda Belle Vance Hanover
1986/1987 Birdie  Lordship
1985/1986 Gina Rosa Noodlum
1984/1985 Vice Reign Smooth Fella
1983/1984 Roydon Dream Game Pride
1982/1983 Castleton's Queen Game Pride
1981/1982 Ar Miss Majestic Chance
1980/1981 Desilu Tudor Hanover
1979/1980 Desilu Lordship
1978/1979 Rosa Dream Scottish Command
1977/1978 Adio Star Scottish Hanover
1976/1977 Pipetre Out To Win
1975/1976 Nancy Lee Scottish Hanover
1974/1975 Deft Young Charles
1973/1974 Deft Bachelor Hanover
1972/1973 Beverley Light Johnny Globe
1971/1972 Atone Johnny Globe
1970/1971 Blankets Johnny Globe
1969/1970 Gala Girl Johnny Globe
1968/1969 Colwyn Bay Garrison Hanover