Broodmare / Stallion of the Year

Year Broodmare of the Year Stallion of the Year
  Trotting Pacing Trotting Pacing
2018/2019 Della's Speed Reality Check Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2017/2018 Ten To One Bethany Majestic Son Bettor's Delight
2016/2017 Another Starlett Bethany Love You Bettor's Delight
2015/2016 Diedre Darling Splendid Dreams Love You Bettor's Delight


Year Broodmare of the Year Stallion of the Year
2014/2015 Scuse Me Bettor's Delight
2013/2014 Love To Love Bettor's Delight
2012/2013 Scuse Me Bettor's Delight
2011/2012 Sheezadoosie Bettor's Delight 
2010/2011 Vicario Bettor's Delight
2009/2010 Sheezadoosie Sundon
2008/2009 Janetta's Pride Christian Cullen
2007/2008 Atomic Lass Christian Cullen
2006/2007 Happy Highlander Sundon
2005/2006 Rob the Nest Christian Cullen
2004/2005 Interchange Sundon
2003/2004 Interchange In The Pocket
2002/2003 Bee Gee's Dream Sundon
2001/2002 Tabella Beth Holmes Hanover
2000/2001 Aberfeldy Holmes Hanover
1999/2000 Sungait Song Homes Hanover
1998/1999 Deborah Dundee In The Pocket
1997/1998 Pleasant Franco Holmes Hanover
1996/1997 Tuapeka Star Vance Hanover
1995/1996 Tempest Tiger Vance Hanover 
1994/1995 Sakuntala Vance Hanover
1993/1994 Miss Clevedon Vance Hanover
1992/1993 Zenover Vance Hanover
1991/1992 Disco Pride Vance Hanover
1990/1991 Nell's Pride Game Pride/ Vance Hanover
1989/1990 Black Watch Lordship
1988/1989 Heatherloch Vance Hanover
1987/1988 Miranda Belle Vance Hanover
1986/1987 Birdie  Lordship
1985/1986 Gina Rosa Noodlum
1984/1985 Vice Reign Smooth Fella
1983/1984 Roydon Dream Game Pride
1982/1983 Castleton's Queen Game Pride
1981/1982 Ar Miss Majestic Chance
1980/1981 Desilu Tudor Hanover
1979/1980 Desilu Lordship
1978/1979 Rosa Dream Scottish Command
1977/1978 Adio Star Scottish Hanover
1976/1977 Pipetre Out To Win
1975/1976 Nancy Lee Scottish Hanover
1974/1975 Deft Young Charles
1973/1974 Deft Bachelor Hanover
1972/1973 Beverley Light Johnny Globe
1971/1972 Atone Johnny Globe
1970/1971 Blankets Johnny Globe
1969/1970 Gala Girl Johnny Globe
1968/1969 Colwyn Bay Garrison Hanover