X is for Xiriha

The obvious candidate for X is X-ray, and equine x-rays are commonplace in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of ailments and injuries.

X Ray was also a fair horse, winning seven from 20 for John Langdon, a prominent and successful trainer-driver who’s big wins included the 1990 New Zealand Cup by Neroship.

There were also other horses like Xtreme Luck (Christian Cullen – Lassiter Franco) who won three from 25, a former Murray Edmonds-trained trotter Xenon, and some others involving the Xanadu and Xena monikers. X-ing was also an American-based trotter that made $300,000 in the 1990s.

Across the Tasman Tony Xiriha is the most prominent X. He trains at Pipers Creek, Kyneton, midway between Melbourne and Bendigo.

He’s been linked with a lot of good horses but he’s also made a name for himself by fixing horses that looked to be past their best. One example was Gobemouche. He claimed it for $14,000 and under his care it bankrolled more than $55,000.

In 2015 he was also involved in a very bad smash at Stawell. He was taken by helicopter to Royal Melbourne hospital with significant injuries. His future in the sulky was uncertain at the time but he has since bounced back to a regular fixture in Victoria and further afield.

And in case you’re wondering Xiriha would appear to be Maltest in origin. And it’s pronounced Zah-ree-ah. How’s that for a fun fact?

Tomorrrow it’s Y – and options galore.



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