Q&A with Dylan Ferguson

1: Best horse who have ever been associated or worked with:
I’ve been lucky enough to work with and drive some very nice horses but still looking for “My Champion”

2: Best horse you have ever seen live:
Lazarus - he was the ultimate racehorse. it didn’t matter what distance, where he sat in the running or who he was up against most of the time he handed out an ass whooping

3: Best horse you have seen in any form (live, on tv, on the internet):
Always B Miki & Somebeachsomewhere racing at the Red Mile is spine tingling

4: If you could have any driver in history driving for you in most important race of your life, it would be?:
Peter Ferguson, surely your dad wouldn’t let you down

5: The best trainer you have ever seen:
Mark Purdon

6: Your favourite racetrack:
Albion Park

7: The unluckiest or hardest to swallow defeat of your career:
Getting beaten a nose in the last heat of Australiasian Young Drivers Champs costing me the series.

8: The race you have never won but would love to:
New Zealand Cup

9: The horse we never got to see the best of:
Even though Mi Muchacho won an Auckland Cup he was affected by soundness problems throughout his career

10: The racing win, yours or somebody elses, that gave you the most joy:
My first win on my own horse Carlos & winning with Splitting Image after being given next to no chance of racing again let alone winning due to injury.

11: Who is the person in harness racing you haven’t seen since lockdown started you are looking forward to seeing the most when we get back to the track:
We are lucky enough with technology being so good we can all keep in touch. I can’t wait to get back racing and catch up with everyone.


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