Mitchell Kerr found guilty at JCA hearing

Former Canterbury horse trainer Mitchell Kerr has been found guilty of four charges at a Judicial Control Authority hearing in Christchurch.

Kerr was not at the hearing which was held at Addington Raceway

Kerr handed in his trainer’s license last year, citing mental health issues. He was subsequently charged by the authorities after an investigation.

The hearing heard how Kerr had a gambling habit that involved him losing around a million dollars with an Australian betting agency.

The tribunal concluded that Kerr was involved in a series of fraudulent activities including selling a horse that didn’t exist, charging for insurance policies that were never taken out, and that he oversold shares in horses that he had no right to sell.

He was also accused of forging signatures and disguising his fraud with multiple acts of dishonesty.

While Kerr was found guilty on four charges no decision has been made on his penalty, with counsel seeking a substantial disqualification, if not a life ban.

A decision on his penalty is expected within a week.


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