Meet The Team - Meagan Dampier-Crossley



Title: Animal Care and Education Assistant

Role/Duties: Assisting the Animal Care & Education team with Traceability, administrate duties, Animal Welfare .

How long have you worked at HRNZ? I have been with HRNZ about 8 months now

What are your hobbies? Any sport my Children are involved in so – Horses, Rugby, Go Kart Racing, Mountain Biking, Netball and Basketball, which is more than enough to keep me busy.

Favourite horse from past or present? Would have to be my daughters show/dressage pony Camptoun Loch Ness (Nessie) she is our one in a million pony. But if I had to choose a favourite race horse from the past it would have to be a standardbred called Funky Town (Max). my friend got given him to use as a trekking horse for her horse trekking business once he had finished racing, but we ended up competing him at shows instead.

What was your first paying job? Horse Trekking Guide at Mount Vernon Lodge in Akaroa when I was thirteen.

Favourite holiday destination? It would be Wanaka/Queenstown, as it does not matter whether it is summer or Winter it is always lovely.

What do you like most about your job?  I Love everything about my job, but if I had to choose something it would be the lovely team of supportive people I get to work with every day

What is something that not many people know about you? Growing up my very first car I learnt to drive in was my dads Madza RX7 Rally Car


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