Kiwi races now available to American punters

New Zealand harness racing is expanding into the USA.

From today (Thursday) North American punters will be able to wager on-line on New Zealand races through their own betting providers or ADWs (Advance Deposit Wagering).

In the USA pari-mutuel betting is legal in around 40 states, with the harness code particularly strong in states including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Coverage of New Zealand races in America will be available through subscriber channels or viewed digitally through ADW websites.

The expansion will be on the majority of races, with betting available on all races run in New Zealand before 9pm (NZT).

The arrangement will increase the profile of New Zealand horses and racing in such a key and huge market.

It's not however expected to result in a massive financial windfall though an export fee will be paid to HRNZ on all betting on New Zealand races, similar to what currently happens in Australia.

"It is an important step forward for us," says HRNZ Chief Executive Gary Woodham, "it's a small step right now but we are always keen to grow our product globally."


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