Catch Driver 3D game is now live!

Following on from our recent article, we are thrilled to announce that revolutionary harness racing game, ‘Catch Driver’ is now live in its new 3D version.

Which means players will be able to get closer to the action than ever before, and it’s all at your fingertips on your smart phone.

Download or update your current version of the game for free now via your app store, or visit

Catch Driver is a harness racing game where players can race live against other players from all over the world by using their touchscreen mobile phone or device.

Since its release in August of 2018 the game’s Canadian founder, Ryan Clements, has been constantly searching for ways to keep the game improving.

“When we first got started, our team’s background had been mainly in software development and not games,” explained Ryan.

“This meant we didn’t have a 3D artist or animation skills, so it was natural for us to make a game like ‘Off and Pacing’ (The Farm Ventures other harness racing game) which focused on players being able to manage horses but not drive them.”

“We have been moving towards becoming a more traditional game studio over the past few years, and our capabilities in the area of graphics have been improving rapidly. I knew this was a prime opportunity to bring Catch Driver to life in a whole new way,” said Ryan.

Ryan has a keen interest in technology, but also is an important part of the way forward for harness racing as he has grown up in and around it.

His grandfather raced the legendary Cam Fella, and Ryan has made it his mission to help grow the number of harness racing fans by creating games that anyone can play, giving them an opportunity to fall in love with sport.

And he’s dedicated to keeping that work going.

“Our whole business is built around the idea that we when release a game, that doesn’t mean it’s finished,” Ryan said.

“We want our players, and the industry as a whole, to see us pushing forward and to believe that we are going to continue to bring excitement to the world of harness racing in the form of games.”

He went on to explain that the improvement in graphics will put players in the sulky like no other game has before.

“A whole new challenge awaits players as they get even closer to the action, and keeping track of your fellow competitors will become even more vital to success,” Ryan said.

The Catch Driver team have been huge supporters of the youth of New Zealand harness racing, last year co-sponsoring the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Cup and are this year’s sponsors of the Catch Driver Cadet of the Year competition.

Play for free on mobile phones and can be downloaded for Apple or Android by visiting the following link



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