Trainers' tips for Addington and Auckland

To mark today's double-header at Addington and Auckland we have a detailed breakdown of the two top races at both venues.

These are the views of the trainers involved (or Trottech if they were not available).

Racing starts at 5.20pm at Addington and 6.05 at Alexandra Park.


Addington :

Race 4 (Buffet Is Back At Addington Raceway Mobile Pace)

1) Braeview Kelly - nice filly with good draw after drawing bad in north and strong each way chance. (M Jones)

2) Who Made Who - we are really happy with the way she is working, but going to be up against it with the way the handicapping system is - she is rated 59 up against 75 being the highest. She's a lovely mare and will try her best. (S Boyd)

3) La Rosa - nice filly who continues to improve and may need this run but class will take her a long way. (M Jones)

4) Rocknroll Rod - He is going in fresh with no trial or workout this time in, his work has been strong back to the mobile, distance and most his suited track, I would expect a very competitive run from him. (K Austin)

5) Invaluable - His driver said the bookies may have to re-apply for their jobs on Monday. (Dalgety & Dalgety)

6) Longview Lady – She is just in the zone, she has been going good and she will do the same again. (K Barron)

7) Burlington - Wide draw nice field happy with his work from draw will be driving for luck. (B White)

8) That Alexander Guy - Top run last start doing all the donkey work in front a lot of gate speed inside him so likely have to go back and won’t get into it. (R Todd)

Race 7 (Happy Hire FFA Trot)

1) Midnight Dash - Training really well,really happy with his work. He does begin ok but the 1 draw on Friday night could prove tricky for him. (Hope & Hope)

2) Sunny Glenis - Working well just needs good run top four chance. Having last start Monday at Amberley. (R Anderson)

3) Pres The Belle- Working well, touch disappointing last start, should’ve ran on better, big plus stand and distance, be very disappointed if not in three. (R Dunn)

4) Harrysul - Seems well going into Friday night’s race. He will need to step away quickly to be a chance. (B Borcoskie)

5) Overzealous - Like many mares tends to run into hormonal issues this time of year but looking like she is getting back on track after her last start. She is very well within herself and her work has been good so if she pinged away good and got a nice trip I think that she is a first four player. (M Nyhan)

6) Madeleine Stow - Has been disappointing in her runs since winning in track record time up in Nelson for no apparent reason. We have cut her work load back a tad and she is super bright and I also think she will appreciate the shorter distance but think in that field she is only a rough outside place chance. (M Nyhan)

7) Splash Cola - Has come on well since her last start 2nd and she brings her manners at the start she could be right amongst it. (R Todd)

8) Doff Your Cap - Has come through last week's race well and we are very happy with his work this week. His manners are generally excellent and, hopefully, he can use them to his advantage again tomorrow evening. (L Jones)

9) The Dominator - He seems very well within himself and working well, always the way though with trotters, we hope they bring their sensible brain on the night! (D Williamson)



Race 5 (Happy 65th Birthday Paul McNickle Handicap Trot)

1) Anditover (ft) - He had a workout last Saturday at Cambridge if you go to the video you will see. He was off 15m trotted the last 2400 in 3:07 pretty happy with him. (R Paynter)

2) Invictus (10) - loves the 2200m and only being 10m behind with just 1 on the front he should step very quickly to the front and can run them along as he’s shown in the past and prove very hard to catch. (Wallis & Hackett)

3) Kings Landing (25) - once again screwed by the handicaps. Can't lose points as the fields are so small but can’t beat those starting in front of him. He has been working very well though. (Wallis & Hackett)

4) One Majic Kenny (25) – going real good races of late, small but good field, going to be hard even with head start on the #5 & #6, top three chance. (R Dunn)

5) Bolt For Brilliance (40) - He's been real good in work seems forward enough to have a good chance (Tony Herlihy) 

6) Temporale (50) -great old horse who steps quickly so should be quickly in the trail behind Bolt for Brilliance. Probably can’t come off his back and out sprint him but if he did manage to settle in front of him he could give him a run for his money. (Wallis & Hackett)


Race 7 (Keith Treadaway Memorial Mobile Pace)

1) Franco Riot - Mainly there for the run, He has been working well, been back to the workouts twice went good time the first week and behind Aladdin last week who won the harness millions he went to the line strong I was pleased with him. (A Holdaway)

2) Jack Ryan - Both my two horses are fresh up . They have both had a couple of trials to get them ready for the race this week. I have been happy with their training during the week and both horses face a step up in class on what they have been racing against previously. (Telfer & Telfer)

3) Superbass - Both my two horses are fresh up . They have both had a couple of trials to get them ready for the race this week. I have been happy with their training during the week and both horses face a step up in class on what they have been racing against previously. (Telfer & Telfer)

4) Christianshavtime - Continues to race with real purpose and should hold his own again. E/W all day. (Trottech)

5) Dance Time - Scratched

6) Matt Damon – really good two starts back when 4th in Auckland Cup. Touch disappointing last start in a funny run race. Good chance running one two. (R Dunn)

7) Krug - For a safety concern we will need the fire engines to be close by (Dalgety & Dalgety)


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