Terms and conditions released for new Breeding Scheme

Harness Racing New Zealand is pleased to announce the terms and conditions associated with the recently announced Breeding Incentive Scheme (BIS).

The scheme is all about boosting the number of standardbred horses in the sport, and will operate for the 2022/23 breeding season before being reviewed to see if it is ‘fit for purpose’.

HRNZ reserves the right to remove, adjust or confirm the BIS thereafter.

Initially when the BIS was approved by the HRNZ Board earlier this year it was planned that the breeding bonus (between $1000 and $3000 per live microchipped foal) would be credited to the stud involved. After much discussion with many involved parties it's now been decided the credit will go to the breeder, as long as they have met the Breeding Incentive Scheme criteria.

The change means some participants may need to update lease or ownership changes. This will ensure accurate Breeder and Stud information at the start of the Scheme. To help with that HRNZ will allow participants to update these positions until Wednesday 30 November 2022 without cost - but only for those whose changed situation occurred prior to 1 August 2022.

HRNZ also realise there may be genuine business or personal reasons why a Stud or a Breeder needs to adjust their breeding lease / ownership status from the start of the season. In that case they may apply to the CEO of HRNZ for special recognition of any changed position. Such an application will need to be made in writing, with supporting information, and will be determined by the CEO. Such a determination will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

HRNZ also notes that with any new and significant undertaking, there may be matters that simply have not been contemplated at the time of drafting this new policy and its associated terms and conditions. Where it becomes clear - in the view of the HRNZ CEO - that a matter was not reasonably contemplated or prepared for in the BIS, then HRNZ reserves the right for the CEO to properly investigate and determine that matter and for that to be a full and final settlement of the issue.

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