New Sulky Warrant of Fitness Required

All sulkies are due for a new WOF (BLUE tag) by 31 January 2023

The White WOF tag will expire on 31 January 2023 and a new Blue WOF must be obtained prior to this date. All sulkies must be registered every year and a new WOF is required every two years.

Unless your sulky has a Blue WOF tag attached effective from 1 February 2023 it will not be covered for any claims under the Sulky Fund and there is a fine of $100 for presenting your horse to race with an unwarranted sulky.

Contact details for WOF Inspectors can be found here

Sulky registration fees charged by HRNZ to the sulky owner (includes WOF fee)
Sulky Registration - $95
Sulky Registration fee for sulky being registered & obtaining a WOF for the first time - $150
New Registration plate - $23


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