24 April 2020

Z is for Zavitsanos

For the final A-Z here is one which is both A and Z: A for Aussie and Z for Zavitsanos.

23 April 2020

Y is for Yulestar

The first New Zealand Cup for the new millennium and Yulestar creates history at Addington.

22 April 2020

X is for Xiriha

The obvious candidate for X is X-ray, and equine x-rays are commonplace in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of ailments and injuries.

21 April 2020

W is for Westport

Westport must be the only place where a pound of whitebait is dished out to the winning driver and trainer. But it sums up what racing in the district is all about.

20 April 2020

V is for Vodka

A trotter with speed to burn, Vodka was a history-maker.

19 April 2020

U is for U Scott

As a horse U Scott was compact, handsome and black, as a sire he produced two of the modern day greats Caduceus and Highland Fling.

18 April 2020

T is for Terror and Terry

Why have one T when you can have two? Terror To Love and owner Terry McDonald were always a double act, and together they had a history-equalling run in the New Zealand Cup.

17 April 2020

S is for Sundon

Simply put, Sundon was a stud.

16 April 2020

R is for Robalan

“Robby the free-legged pacer” sounds like a title of a children’s book.