Blue September Profile - Zev Meredith

Zev Meredith joins us to talk about what he is doing for Blue September and how he got into harness racing.
A big thank you to the sponsors that have come on board to support Zev during the campaign:

Donations per win
$25 from Off N Racing Syndicates
$50 from  Blanchard Racing Stables
$50 from Trevor Blanchard
$100 from Aaron Lowe of Rugby Transfers International
$100 from Colin Neal of Smiths City
$50 from Jeff Lau of S123 Rental Investment
$20 from Paulette Screen Racing Stables
$50 from Tim Vince
$50 from Terese Screen
$100 from The ATC Racenight Stewards
$50 from Tania Kettle

One off donations for Zev
$500 from Campbell Tyson Chartered Accountants

Zev will raise $845 per win including donations per win from the Clubs and HRNZ


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