Age Group Male Pacing Awards

Year 2YO Pacing Colt or Gelding 3YO Pacing Colt or Gelding 4YO Pacing Entire or Gelding* 5YO+ Pacing Entire or Gelding
2023 Chase A Dream Merlin Akuta Self Assured
2022 Don't Stop Dreaming Akuta B D Joe Self Assured
2020/2021 Akuta Krug Copy That Self Assured
2019/2020 Krug One Change & Copy That Ultimate Sniper Cruz Bromac
2018/2019 One Change Ultimate Sniper Spankem Thefixer
2017/2018 Another Masterpiece Chase Auckland Ultimate Machete Lazarus
2016/2017 Spankem Ultimate Machete Lazarus Smolda
2015/2016 More The Better Lazarus Have Faith In Me Smolda
2014/2015 Chase The Dream Have Faith In Me Christen Me -
2013/2014 Follow The Stars Tiger Tara Terror To Love -
2012/2013 Sky Major Ohoka Punter Terror To Love -
2011/2012 Five Card Draw  Smolda  Terror To Love  Sir Lincoln 
2010/2011 Fly Like An Eagle Gold Ace Franco Emirate Monkey King
2009/2010 Major Mark Sir Lincoln Tintin In America Monkey King
2008/2009 Smiling Shard Stunin Cullen Auckland Reactor Changeover
2007/2008 Highview Tommy Auckland Reactor Gotta Go Cullen Monkey King
2006/2007 Ohoka Arizona Changeover Monkey King Flashing Red
2005/2006 Gotta Go Cullen Pay Me Christian Baileys Dream Howard Bromac
2004/2005 Jays Debut Badlands Bute Mi Muchacho Elsu
2003/2004 Marika Roman Gladiator Elsu Just an Excuse
2002/2003 Lennon Elsu Just An Excuse Young Rufus
2001/2002 Light And Sound Jack Cade Young Rufus Holmes D G
2000/2001 Sly Flyin Franco Heir Cool Hand Luke Yulestar
1999/2000 Matai MacKenzie Stars And Stripes Courage Under Fire Holmes D G
1998/1999 - Courage Under Fire Christian Cullen Sir Vancelot
1997/1998 Courage Under Fire Holmes D G - Iraklis
1996/1997 Sweet Talking Man Lavros Star Iraklis Il Vicolo
1995/1996 Bogan Fella The Court Owl Il Vicolo Master Musician
1994/1995 The Court Owl Il Vicolo Ginger Man Golden Reign
1993/1994 Il Vicolo Ginger Man Montana Vance Chokin
1992/1993 Motoring Magic Laud Chokin -
1991/1992 Montana Vance Chokin Abdias Christopher Vance
1990/1991 Chokin Master Musician Christopher Vance Neroship
1989/1990 Master Musician Honkin Vision Inky Lord Dillon Dean
1988/1989 Honkin Vision Westburn Grant Dillon Dean Luxury Liner
1987/1988 Tight Connection Dillon Dean Rostriever Hanover Luxury Liner
1986/1987 Tuapeka Knight Race Ruler Lightning Blue Master Mood
1985/1986 Race Ruler Alba's Reign Master Mood Comedy Lad
1984/1985 Trident Placid Victor Roydon Glen Enterprise
1983/1984 Nardinski Roydon Glen Nostradamus Steel Jaw
1982/1983 Comedy Lad Mighty Me Our Mana -
1981/1982 Lyndon Robert - Melton Monarch -
1980/1981 - Melton Monarch John Tudor -
1979/1980 Dillon Dale - - Lord Module
1978/1979 Hybrow Matai Dreamer Lord Module Sapling
1977/1978 Trio Lord Module Sapling Sole Command
1976/1977 Testing Times Belmer's Image Stanley Rio Balgove
1975/1976 Lunar Chance Bolton Byrd Forto Prontezza Lunar Chance
1974/1975 - Noodlum Lunar Chance Young Quinn
1973/1974 Noodlum Kotare Legend Young Quinn Robalan

Prior to the 2002/03 season, there was an overall age group award in addition to a fillies/mares award for each age. Therefore where there is no winner above, a female won the overall age category, and no male was awarded.

* From the 2012/2013 season to the 2014/2015 season, the 5YO+ category was dropped and made into the 4YO+ category.