Age Group Male Trotting Awards

Year 2YO Trotting Colt or Gelding 3YO Trotting Colt or Gelding 4YO Trotting Entire or Gelding* 5YO+ Trotting Entire or Gelding
2023 Tyron Eros Lovemeto Mystic Max Oscar Bonavena
2022 Confessional Highgrove Five Wise Men Sundees Son
2020/2021 Highgrove Five Wise Men Bolt For Brilliance Sundees Son
2019/2020 Eurokash Ultimate Stride & Cracker Hill Oscar Bonavena Winterfell
2018/2019 Bolt For Brilliance Lotamuscle Sundees Son Speeding Spur
2017/2018 Enhance Your Calm Winterfell Habibi Inta Speeding Spur
2016/2017 Paramount King Enghien Temporale Monbet
2015/2016 Enghien Marcoola Monbet Master Lavros
2014/2015 Conon Bridge Speeding Spur Stent -
2013/2014 Monbet King Denny Master Lavros -
2012/2013 One Over Da Moon Royal Aspirations Stig -
2011/2012 Royal Aspirations Stent  Paramount Geegee  I Can Doosit 
2010/2011 Flying Isa Paramount Geegee Vulcan I Can Doosit
2009/2010 Paramount Geegee Vulcan I Can Doosit Springbank Richard
2008/2009 The Fiery Ginga Ima Gold Digger Leighton Hest Stig
2007/2008 Muscle And Power Sovereignty Springbank Richard Mountbatten
2006/2007 The Ultimate Galleon Springbank Richard Stig Whatsundermykilt
2005/2006 Sunnivue Son Houdini Star Lets Get Serious Delft
2004/2005 Galleons Assassin Tozzie Hurricane Flyer Lyell Creek
2003/2004 Thanksgiving Zuri Rosscoe Take a Moment
2002/2003 Diedre Don Thedonsson Sonofthedon Take A Moment
2001/2002 T K Victor Sundon's Luck Bunnys Gold -
2000/2001 - Dependable Toliver Twist Lyell Creek
1999/2000 Dependable - Blane Lyell Creek
1998/1999 Flip Flop Flame Up Now Another Look Special Force
1997/1998 Special Branch - Special Force -
1996/1997 - - Novander Whiz -
1995/1996 - Novander Whiz Above The Stars Call Me Now
1994/1995 Go Right Above The Stars Eastburn Grant Call Me Now
1993/1994 Shine On Me - Bunty's Pride David Moss
1992/1993 Our Super Force Castleton's King Southern Man David Moss
1991/1992 Castleton's King - Torledo William Dee
1990/1991 Alabama Whiz - Night Allowance Sundon
1989/1990 - - Real Force Idle Scott
1988/1989 Rannach Ruler Sundon Rua Kenana Yankee Loch
1987/1988 Sundon Arnsong Directorship Simon Katz
1986/1987 - Bellarn Tobago -
1985/1986 - Tobago - Mairo Sultan
1984/1985 Barabbas Wedgewood Globe Tour Basil Dean
1983/1984 Signor Gabrielli Count Me In - Basil Dean
1982/1983 Lord Alias Zebec Ranger Globe -
1981/1982 Zebec Dragon's Pride Jenner Stormy Morn
1980/1981 Mister Square Jenner Sire Castleton Scotch Tar
1979/1980 Jenner Game Captain - Scotch Tar
1978/1979 Chippewa Chief - - No Response
1977/1978 Del Miller - Even Speed Nigel Craig
1976/1977 - Even Speed - Nigel Craig
1975/1976 Spartan Prince Harvey Wilson Alias Armbro Easton Light
1974/1975 - Tuteena Rebel Statesman Easton Light
1973/1974 Holy Cord - - Easton Light

Prior to the 2002/03 season, there was an overall age group award in addition to a fillies/mares award for each age. Therefore where there is no winner above, a female won the overall age group award, and no male was awarded.

* From the 2012/2013 season the 5YO+ category was dropped and made into the 4YO+ category.