Official Notice re Breeding Incentive Scheme

After receiving a number of enquiries from breeders, Harness Racing New Zealand wishes to clarify aspects of the Breeding Incentive Scheme (BIS).

Introduced last year, the scheme will not be continued for the 2023/24 season. But HRNZ wants to advise breeders that all outstanding credits will be honoured.

Under the scheme a $1000 stallion service fee credit was given to the breeder for any mare that produced a microchipped foal in the 2022/23 season and then rebred the same mare or another mare in its place and obtained a 42-day positive pregnancy test.

Many of these $1000 payments have been made already.

Any mares that are bred to after August 1, 2023 will not be eligible.

A $3000 bonus is being paid to any breeder who produced an extra foal on what they'd produced the previous year.

Similarly if a breeder did not produce any foals in 2021/22 but sends a mare to stud in 2022/23 which in turn produces a live microchipped foal in 2023/24, they will receive a $3000 stallion service fee credit when the mare is rebred and obtains a 42-day positive test in 2023/24 breeding season.

Because the scheme is coming to an end there has been some confusion from breeders that they won't get their bonuses. This is not the case and HRNZ will be contacting breeders believed to be eligible for the $3000 in due course.

The BIS has essentially been replaced by some new initiatives announced in the recent 2023/24 HRNZ Funding Document.

The 2YO Bonus Scheme :

A total of $1.5m is to be spent on a two year old bonus scheme to the tune of $750K per year. A bonus will be paid to the owner ($8000) and the breeder ($4000) on a horse's first win in a two year old totalisator race from January 1,2024.

The Fillies and Mares Credit Scheme :

Each filly/mare who finishes top 3 in a fillies and/or mares only race will receive a breeding credit of

First - $1000

Second - $300

Third - $200

NZ Bred Bonus Scheme

Every horse born in New Zealand, sired by a New Zealand bred stallion, that stands in Australasia will earn a 10% bonus on stakes for all New Zealand races that they race in. The bonus will be paid to the breeder of the horse in August based on earnings from the previous financial year (August 1 - July 31) The bonus will be capped at $10,000 per horse per year.

For any queries please contact :

Catherine McDonald
(HRNZ General Manager - Racing)
[email protected]


Cameron Kirkwood
(HRNZ Liason)
[email protected]

To see the funding document 2022/23 click here


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