Junior Driver Saving Scheme

At the beginning of last season we implemented a new initiative; The junior driving savings scheme.

The scheme was set up to encourage the junior members of our industry to develop better financial habits and start planning for their futures now. The scheme would ensure that those involved would have some extra savings to launch the next phase of their journey.

What we can say after 12 months is that the uptake has been somewhat less than we would have liked, however, those who have made the sensible decision to join the scheme have noticed considerable results and are in a far better position for doing so.

Scheme manager Matt Golding from FutureME has commented saying that some goals he and the members are working towards include buying first homes, investment properties, rainy days funds, or even training establishments.

“Some of the team are well on their way to achieving their goals compared to where they were last year which is very pleasing. Obviously, things like this take a while to get some good runs on the board but it has been a great start.”

Every junior needs to consider joining the scheme for their own benefits which includes free financial advice in other areas such as budgets, kiwisaver, and mortgages.

For more information please contact:

Matt Golding
E: [email protected]
027 628 8010

Natalie Gameson
E: [email protected]
M:  021 936 155


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