Website Update

Following the launch last month of our fully responsive website, we have taken all feedback into consideration, and addressed some areas where needed, as you may have seen already on the site.

Area’s we have looked at are: 

The colour of the text on links has been changed to a darker blue to allow for easier reading. 

Printing should now be working for all web browsers, we have also added a compact printable report for all fields and nominations. 

Spacing has been tightened in tables on the racing pages.

We are currently working on a compact fields view, so users can view a whole race field on smaller devices, we will have this available very soon.

Here are some of our frequently asked questions that may be useful to you:

Q. My menu bar disappears when I am viewing the website on my phone or tablet?
A. On the top left hand side of your electronic device is a blue circle with three white lines, click this button to view the full menu.

Q. Why can I not expand all races when viewing the fields, nominations, results.
A. Before Race 1 there is an 'expand all races' clickable button, click on this and it will expand the whole race field, so you won’t need to expand each individual race.

Q. I can’t find the Race Video replays?
A. In the results section under each race number, in the blue box is a white video icon, click on this to take you to the video replay for that race.

Q. How do I get back to the Homepage?
A. Click on the 'Harness Racing New Zealand' logo at the top of each webpage to get you back to the homepage.

Q. I want to place a bet, can I do this from the fields page?
A. Click on the 'TAB' logo that appears on every race to take you straight to that race on the TAB website.

We are currently working on some tutorials around the FAQ’s to help assist our users.


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