Trial of Enhanced 2YO Concessions

In the months of June and July 2019 a trial will be staged regarding concessions for Non-Win 2YO pacers and trotters.

The rationale behind the trial is to reinvigorate late-season 2YO starts, before considering whether such a concession should be available across the season.

The trial will operate as follows:

  1. From 2 June Non-Win 2YO pacers in 2YO only races will only be penalised their MR rating and not increase any rating points, unless rated below MR50, in which case they will become R50 (up to a maximum of four points). The following are examples of how the concession will apply to the winner: MR50 -> R50, MR49->R50, MR48 ->R50, MR47 -> R50, MR46->R50, MR45 -> R49, MR44->R48 etc.
  2. From June 2 Non-Win 2YO Trotters will be penalised in the same manner but in unrestricted Non-Win or Non-Win Front races.
  3. The concession is only available in races with an advertised stake $20,000 or less.
  4. Should any 2YO Non-Win pacing race not be run, those remaining acceptors that are transferred to another race (provided they are eligible) will remain eligible for the concession.
  5. Any 2YOs winning their first race in a 2YO only race prior to 2 June for an advertised stake of $20,000 or less will be re-rated by the Handicapper’s at season’s end.
  6. Other winning 2YOs will also be reviewed by the Handicappers at season’s end to ensure fairness across the spectrum of 2YO race winners for the season.

Clubs will programme 2YO only races throughout June & July to complement this trial.

A full schedule of 2YO races planned for June and July will be released in the coming week.

Andrew Morris



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